Seeking a Spectrum of Solutions

Raising collaboration in and awareness of Autism Spectrum Disorders on the UA Campus

We are a consortium of researchers and practitioners at The University of Arizona who seek to gain and share greater understanding of autism and related neurodevelopmental disorders. Central to our mission is translating investigative findings to real life application. The group has members from diverse academic disciplines based in the Colleges of Education, Science, Medicine, Agriculture, Public Health and Business, as well as leaders of programs that provide services and support to persons across the spectrum and their families.

The purpose of the Collective is to improve the health and educational outcomes of families, children, and adults on the autism spectrum. As an integrative group, the Collective uses the following three pillars to advance the realm of research and service:

  1. Dissemination of research findings in identification, assessment, and treatment 
  2. Program development
  3. Community outreach

The programs and research initiatives listed on this site are examples of how faculty and staff are teaming up to create a wide range of engagement opportunities for currently enrolled UA students, the UA community, as well as the greater community of Southern Arizona. Currently, the UA Autism Collective members are working in partnership to advance autism awareness. In the future, the consortium plans to connect research and programming conducted at UA to other similar efforts across the country.

  • Jennifer Casteix, MS, CCC-SLP
  • Jamie Edgin, PhD
  • Ken Hosto, MA
  • Amanda Kraus, PhD
  • Margaret Kurzius-Spencer, PhD, MPH
  • Gondy Leroy, PhD
  • Stephanie MacFarland, PhD
  • Laurel Mason, MA
  • Terry Matsunaga, PharmD, PhD
  • Sydney Pettygrove, PhD
  • Linda L. Restifo, MD, PhD
  • Sydney Rice, MD, MS